About Us

The Laboratory of Acoustics at
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU)
Scientific Institute of Thermal Insulation is National Focal Point in Baltic States
within X-Noise Coordination Actions.

Key contact person: Dr. A. Jagniatinskis

Through its network structure and comprehensive work plan involving experts groups, scientific workshops, takeholders seminars and a common information system, this project will address the aircraft noise challenges set by the ACARE 2020 Vision.

To this end, it will more specifically:

  • evaluating EC-funded projects results and assessing their contribution to the state-of-the-art
  • formulating, through development of common strategies and complementarities with national activities, priorities and key topics for future projects aimed at noise reduction at source as well as improved understanding of the impact of aircraft noise in the community
  • identifying potential reinforcement of future projects partnership through expertise mapping, to foster new collaborations and promote novel ideas
  • ensuring dissemination and exploitation of anticipated technology breakthroughs and scientific developments, including technical information aimed at Regulatory Bodies and Policymaking Agencies to inform on progress made in aircraft noise research
  • contributing to an improved integration of the European Aircraft Noise Research Community through a network of National Focal Points, including the development of local networks in new EU member states to foster participation in future projects.